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Ok, lets start by clearing up one mis-reporting of this, It is NOT a virus.

What is Shellshock ? It is a flaw in the “BASH ( bourne again shell ) which is a command line environment.

Most Mac’s I’m sure running the test positive to the flaw, type into Terminal env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable’ bash -c ‘echo this is a test’

BUT if you keep GATEKEEPER turned on then you are safe, as it will only allow verified Apps to be installed, Even with it OFF the user will have to manually download an app that contains this exploit, Apple has repotted that they are working on closing this flaw ( for Advanced users who would possibly come in contact with it.. )

For more info please click here

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Sep 08

Ah yes Autism!

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Yes I’ve a family member who is autistic, and we deal with him this way….

How many times have we heard this? People “meaning” to be helpful so often come out with the dumbest of statements, can I as ONE person who is autistic say this once again…..

When you have seen / met / know ONE person with autism, you have met / known ONE unique person with autism, the next person you met / know with autism can ( and often will be ) very different, THAT is why autism is hard to understand, as we are all different, some can cope with one thing whereas another could never cope with it.

One may act in one way, maybe younger that they should act, whereas another will act far more grown up than they should, even to the point where some will cope / prefer to be with people older rather than same age or younger.

Some like being with people possibly centre of attraction, where others like me much prefer they own company or better still out in the wilderness of Dartmoor away from all the noise and “busyness” of the world.

You see, we are all very different, just like those who are not autistic are not the same, not clones of one model, so it puzzles me no end when people come out with the most daft ideas that there is one way to deal with autism, or that there is one way in which autistic people should act or behave, and if we stray from such…..well then people get all confused and say “that’s not how you should act..”

People with autism are unique , different, and do not fit into “one mould”

I understand it must be hard for those who are not involved with autism day in and day out, but it would be so good if these people could listen…just listen to our advocates that so passionately stand in our corner…

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Aug 25

Photo of Dartmoor for the Week!

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I shall try and post at least one photo of Dartmoor a week, ones that have a “special” place with me :)
This one is Stats House ( rather from Stats ) on the way to Cut Hill

CutHill 10

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Aug 25

One of my photos of Ireland

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One of my favourite photos i took ( one of many mind you )

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Aug 25

Ireland 2014 the Photos

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Ok all photos are uploaded to my SmugMug account, the direct link is here :-
Click the large photo, or use it as a slideshow :) it can take awhile to load cos there are a number of photos!
Or if your are on a iPad click here

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Aug 24

1st Hike after Hols

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Well this was my first hike since my holiday in Ireland, and my feet had got used to wearing soft footware…..


Whilst it was a great hike, on the return leg the Geocaches i was going for i just “eye-balled” ( and hit with my walking stick ) as the prospect of getting down onto the floor and rooting them out was not an option ( plus there were a few that had been pushed far back….unless an animal too it! )

Did get some great photos though…

East Dart 2014
East Dart

Though i was surprised by the amount of people up here, without rucksacks..”real” walking gear…Maps or compass…Seems now people park at the TIC at post bridge and follow the path which i guess is fine when its a nice blue sunny day…but as us Moor walkers know Dartmoor can show its teeth quite quickly.

Maybe my Aspergers is making me way over critical of people walking / hiking on the Moor with nothing than an umbrella as water proofing ( yes i past a group of German tourists with sandals and dressed like they were walking about in Plymouth shopping centre )…

But it does concern me that these guys could get into serious trouble…

Actually i think i’ll stop, and just post more photos :-)

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Aug 18

Ireland 2014 all photos

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Click the photo to enter the gallery!

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Aug 05

Ireland 2014




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Jul 21

Everyone has a little….

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Ive had this said to my face, and recently read on a popular social media system a similar remark, which is “Everyone has a little bit of Autism in them!”

Now, i shall try and avoid turning this into a “rant” as that would be counter productive, and I’m not trying to upset anyone who’s views may have been from unreliable sources or simply from “professionals” that really should know better and check facts before speaking or giving a “Professional” option.

Being Autistic myself ( Aspergers ) i find such a comment very offensive and totally misinformed, Its almost like saying everyone is a little bit dyslexic, OCD …. Autism has been referred as a brain disorder autism.org.uk explains it as this

The complexities of Aspergers is described in part like this

Autism is a neurological disorder , So ….. saying that everyone has / is a little bit Autistic is saying EVERYONE has a neurological disorder, Which therefore leads to the conclusion that NO ONE is normal! Or is there a train of thought that Autism is normal?

There are “tests” that people like myself have been though ( which are gruelling and often very upsetting ) to “check” if you are Autistic, Surely if one is testing for a condition, there must be the possibility that the result will equal zero / nothing found, Terms like neurotypical ( Please note this link is intended to show a light hearted view…kinda i think )

So before we conclude that everyone is a little bit Autistic, and that therefore there are no normal people at all on this planet, please, stop, think, do a little research of your own…just in case that friend / TV Show / Medical Professional got it wrong or where “mis-guided” on their answer….

I hope this helps :-)


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Jul 17

iPad Mini Upgrade…..kinda

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Well, after thinking i was “saving” money by buying a WiFi only iPad Mini, and then getting a Garmin Nuvi ( which loves driving on the smallest roads possible, BUT NOT the main road…which is quicker! )

I decided to bite the bullet and “upgrade” the iPad and give it REAL GPS functionality

ENTER BAD ELF ( not to be confused with bad robot which is involved in film making!!! )



And there tis… TomTom, RangeViewer and other offline map systems now have real time location without the need of Wifi, Gets a nice lock too with the GPS and is much better than the silly Garmin, Though to be honest would have saved money if a) i stuck with TomTom or/and b) got an iPad with Wifi and Cellnetowrk.

Anyway….works great!!!

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