Apr 21

Recent Hike Photos

Nuns Cross Farm Area…


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Apr 18

Next Hike

Getting ready for next hike for this Saturday!!!



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Apr 18

Random Photo for the Day


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Apr 16

Final test?


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Apr 16

A test post … please ignore :)

… are you ignoring this??? :-)

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Apr 06

New correct cards

Meet the correct cards….



Made using moo.com

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Apr 04

Meh…messed up cards…

Well that’s £60 wasted….messed up my cards I made for Autism….can’t do a simple task…hand me a complex computer job and I’m fine….but a simple business card and is end up putting a weird word I’d never use…..MEH

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Mar 30

My photo for the month – March


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Mar 30

New Card

As some may know i carry little business size cards to hand out to people when they “bother” me
Well I’ve made a new front to them, and going to test them out soon


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Mar 29

East Dart to Sandy Hole Pass

The Route
The Route

The Photos

EastDart 1

East Dart still quite difficult to cross, and on my own i did not attempt it, there were some ten tor walkers out, and some went further up to Sandy Hole ( where there is no crossing points really )

But when on my own up there it was perfect, just the wind blowing though the long tall dry grass, I sat in one spot for ages, camera in hand, and just listening to the sound….just a perfect place to be when the madding world often makes little sense

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