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Jul 03

Struggles of Autism 


Phew what a day, what with work and holiday traffic and then someone having a massive panic attack, which after that got me all melancholy thinking it’s my fault my guys have the same issues that I have…..thank goodness for the weekend ( hopefully will be good… ) And now a random photo ….   

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Oct 20

Getting a little hut in the middle of the moor and becoming a hermet is looking like an option…..

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Oct 03

Say What?

This image I think says it all, taken from The Autism Project FLOS And is soooooo close to his I think!

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Sep 08

Ah yes Autism!

Yes I’ve a family member who is autistic, and we deal with him this way…. How many times have we heard this? People “meaning” to be helpful so often come out with the dumbest of statements, can I as ONE person who is autistic say this once again….. When you have seen / met / …

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Jul 21

Everyone has a little….

Ive had this said to my face, and recently read on a popular social media system a similar remark, which is “Everyone has a little bit of Autism in them!” Now, i shall try and avoid turning this into a “rant” as that would be counter productive, and I’m not trying to upset anyone who’s …

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Apr 06

New correct cards


Meet the correct cards…. Made using moo.com

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Apr 04

Meh…messed up cards…

Well that’s £60 wasted….messed up my cards I made for Autism….can’t do a simple task…hand me a complex computer job and I’m fine….but a simple business card and is end up putting a weird word I’d never use…..MEH

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Mar 30

New Card


As some may know i carry little business size cards to hand out to people when they “bother” me Well I’ve made a new front to them, and going to test them out soon

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Mar 29

East Dart to Sandy Hole Pass

The Route

The Route The Photos East Dart still quite difficult to cross, and on my own i did not attempt it, there were some ten tor walkers out, and some went further up to Sandy Hole ( where there is no crossing points really ) But when on my own up there it was perfect, just …

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Feb 21


Clean out time, by the end of this Saturday only family and “special” friends will be present on my Facebook ( though I use FB little, more into my blog ). If you are still on my list on Sunday, then “hey” family / ‘special’ friend xD

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