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Jul 21

Everyone has a little….

Ive had this said to my face, and recently read on a popular social media system a similar remark, which is “Everyone has a little bit of Autism in them!” Now, i shall try and avoid turning this into a “rant” as that would be counter productive, and I’m not trying to upset anyone who’s …

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Apr 06

New correct cards


Meet the correct cards…. Made using moo.com

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Apr 04

Meh…messed up cards…

Well that’s ¬£60 wasted….messed up my cards I made for Autism….can’t do a simple task…hand me a complex computer job and I’m fine….but a simple business card and is end up putting a weird word I’d never use…..MEH

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Aug 31

Autism or Not?!?

Ok, this does not happen often…But there are times that I mention to people that I am Aspergers, and get the reply back “oh no Adrian, You can not be! you are running your own business / too smart / do not show any signs of being Autistic ” ( or do not look autistic! …

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Jul 31

Vulnerable people and benefits

Im not one for politics but this is quite important for vulnerable people http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=10&ea.campaign.id=15864&ea.tracking.id=4a0cb507

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May 26

New Glasses!


Yay! got me new glasses, now i can read stuff on white paper AND best of all see the world though rose tinted glasses :p …. Might not make the world a better place for Aspies but it will sure look more funky now

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May 04

And now for something completely different!

Finally had the eye exam thats gonna help with my Dyslexia(Gotta love google spell check!) looks like im heading for a pair of John Lennon rose tinted glases , So me and Bekka’s are going to be twins on that note! Still if it helps keeping the migraines down to a minimum im all for …

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