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Jul 18

Todays Hike Photos from iPhone

All these were taken on the iPhone Though i will be adding some more later to the gallery from the big camera too :p

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Mar 20

Photos from Recent Hike to Whitehorse Hill

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Feb 21

Stir Crazy! Need to Yomp on the Moor!!!


Getting bored of this cold / bug and really need to get out on the Moor!!!! Route already planned..

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Feb 09

Photography Sun Flares


Some times these are unwanted , other times they add to the mood of the image Internet Example One of my deliberate sun flare shots

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Dec 27

Panoramic Photo of Avon Area

Avon Area

This is the last image from my iPhone of today’s 15(ish)k hike, I’ve yet to download the big camera!

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Dec 26

Hike for Tomorrow…Hopefully


This is my planned route for Tomorrow ( Saturday 27th Dec ) unless the weather goes and does something silly!

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Aug 25

Photo of Dartmoor for the Week!

I shall try and post at least one photo of Dartmoor a week, ones that have a “special” place with me This one is Stats House ( rather from Stats ) on the way to Cut Hill

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Aug 25

One of my photos of Ireland

One of my favourite photos i took ( one of many mind you )

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Aug 25

Ireland 2014 the Photos

Ok all photos are uploaded to my SmugMug account, the direct link is here :- Click the large photo, or use it as a slideshow it can take awhile to load cos there are a number of photos! Or if your are on a iPad click here

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Aug 24

1st Hike after Hols


Well this was my first hike since my holiday in Ireland, and my feet had got used to wearing soft footware….. Whilst it was a great hike, on the return leg the Geocaches i was going for i just “eye-balled” ( and hit with my walking stick ) as the prospect of getting down onto …

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