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Oct 08

Moon 2014

A quick flurry of activity to get the scope / cameras ready before the clouds hit….AGAIN!!! Click image to see all photos Video, click below

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Sep 01

Space part two


Ok, so I’m waiting in a que at the ferry point in Ireland waiting to go home, so time to use up my 3G MiFi time xD Best thing to do…..upload space photos

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Aug 22

Ireland 2012 part 1


Here are a few space photos I managed to get whilst having a rare clear night in Ireland Better link is here with bigger photos

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Jun 04

Moon 1st Blood part 2


This and the last photo where taken with a Canon 60D either prime focus or as this one with a 2x Barlow and moon filter

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Jun 04

Moon 1st blood on new scope!


Ok, this is not a great photo, but seeing i literally threw the scope out when the clouds parted briefly to show the moon…Well it had to be done, oh and also not calibrated the motor yet for tracking!

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Apr 09

Astro Photography

Well, should be getting my new scope soon, i hope And then i can get back into some decent astro photography xD

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Apr 04

Light pollution?

Light pollution a problem for you? If so here is an interesting link ( http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/27603 ) Primarily it’s coming from the stand point of star gazing , but I guess anyone who feels this is important can sign xD

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